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CONFESSION:   Neither Bruce nor I are professional videographers and therefore we can honestly attest that our travel videos are most definitely on the rubbish side.  Nonetheless, we’ve decided to post these online if only to enrich the backstories to our travel.

Videos are organised by destinations — listed alphabetically and spread over several pages.


Bhutan’s fire festival –   It is said that participation in this ritual burns off all the accumulated sins from the previous year.  As such, it was no surprise that the majority of the participants were rowdy young men!


Bhutan:  Regligious festival featuring monks in animal costumes.


(Recommended) Burma:  Listen to a recording of a Chin village song sung by one of the elders.  When she passes away, it is likely that this song will soon be forgotten as the ‘younger’ generation is not willing to learn the lyrics.  This was recorded in January 2011 in Khyato Village.


Burma:  Ballooning over temples in Bagan.


Burma:  We’d stumbled into a monastery in Yangon whilst the monklets were busy at study hall . . . Fortunately, the head monk permitted us to photograph and to video record them at their studies.


(Recommended) Guizhou funeral:  We were extraordinarily honoured when the family of the deceased (a village school teacher) invited us to witness the village funeral ceremony.  Although there were moments of mournful sorrow, the ceremony had dancers, musicians and a firework display to celebrate the man’s life.  It was a most incredible experience.


Guizhou village festival:  WARNING:  a pig sacrifice is captured on video.


Guizhou:  Miao folk song


( Recommended ) Hong Kong Sevens:  the best of …  [ please note that this is a photo compilation set as a video ]


Hong Kong Sevens in torrential rain:  It is said that nothing stops the Sevens in Hong Kong.  This was proven true when the games continued in the face of torrential “black rain”.


Hong Kong opera: Backstage practice at a small village opera production during the Cheung Chau Bun Festival.


(Recommended) Hong Kong:  ICC at night and in time-lapse


(Recommended) Hong Kong: view of Victoria Harbour by ferry and in time-lapse


Flying into Hong Kong:


Hong Kong:  fireworks from the harbour (time-lapsed).  I’ve always been impressed with HK’s firework displays — the first time I’d seen it was when I was at the Four Seasons Apartment in 2007 (my transitional home as I was relocating) and I watched the National Day fireworks from the 59th floor.  I was particularly impressed that the pyrotechnical team was able to spell out “2008” (to signify the upcoming Beijing Olympics) as fireworks!  In this video, Bruce and I watched the 2014 National Day firework display from a boat moored in the middle of Victoria Harbour.


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