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Travel and photo blogs will be updated when there is something meaningful to write.  As such, content is driven by our travel schedule.  

(BREAKING NEWS:  Photographs from Argentina and Morocco will be published shortly)

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Latest Projects

This album covers a wide range of topics from streetlife to sports.

Noteworthy Elements


This album contain images that strongly features: fire, action, light/shadow, textures and/or infra-red light.



This album covers some of the most memorable people we’ve encountered during our travels.



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Monks and Monklets


Portraits of Monks and Monklets with a few sprinkles of Buddhas, nuns, and nunnies …

Village Life


Best of Infra-Red Photography


This album covers a wide spectrum ranging from people, landscape and sports.

Burma – video


Listen to a recording of a Chin village song sung by one of the elders.  When she passes away, it is likely that this song will soon be forgotten as the ‘younger’ generation is not willing to learn the lyrics.  This was recorded in January 2011 in Khyato Village. 

Hong Kong Sevens


Photos from the 2012, 2013 and 2014 matches.  Photographed with an infra-red camera — hence, the unusual light and texture. The images from the 2014 matches are more experimental — the blurred background is caused by ‘panning’ the camera to follow the action. 

Sri Lanka


Album showcases best images from our trips to Sri Lanka (April 2011 and August 2011).


Bhutan Black Hat Dance

Album contains some of our best festival photographs and videos.

Travel Blog – Along the Silk Route in Central Asia


Blog and videos from our 2010 trip to Kyrgyzstan, Kashgar, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.