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Please note that all of our travels are fully funded by ourselves.  Without exceptions.  Furthermore, we have not received any discounts or any perks as a result of our travel blogs.  As such, the opinions/ viewpoints/ recommendations/ critiques on this website are wholly our own and are not influenced by commercial interests.

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Spain – March 2015



Golden Eagle Festival – Mongolia 2013


Guizhou, China

The many faces of Guizhou Province . . . Festivals of the Miao Hill Tribes 2012



Travel Food Blog about Guizhou, China – August 2012. (Warning: not for the squeamish or for those who are sensitive about the treatment of animals.)


Sri Lanka Travel Blog – Tea Plantation and Esala Perahera Festival – 2011



Burma Travel Blog – January 2011


at Song Kul Lake

The Silk Road Travel Blog – August 2010



Bhutan Travel Blog — September 2008


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Indonesia 2013

In pursuit of Chateau Rayas . . . Wine tasting in France

Japanese Onsen and Mt. Fuji – Dec 2000

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Please note that there are no advertisements, no sponsored links, and not even a Facebook LIKE button on this site.  In short, this website is neither governed nor influenced by commercial interests.  Without exceptions, all travels and related expenses are paid for by ourselves.  Moreover, we don’t receive any perks, advantages, endorsements, and/or discounts from the travel blogs.  As such, all opinions/ viewpoints/ recommendations/ critiques featured on this site are wholly our own.  In addition, kindly note that whilst every effort is made to be honest and factual, we make no assertions that everything written here is representative and therefore the experiences we had may or may not be applicable to everyone.  Therefore, readers researching any named parties featured in our travel blogs or OP-EDs are strongly advised to continue their research elsewhere to form a more robust finding.  For the avoidance of doubt, the reader accepts that what is written on are opinions based on first-hand experiences.


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OP-ED:  Highly recommend photography tours with Nevada Wier . . .



OP-ED: do not travel with Blue Wolf Travels of Mongolia



OP-ED: avoid travelling with Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel Ltd –  UK